The top 4 important things to consider when choosing new flooring

Our top 4 things you need to think about before choosing flooring!

Flooring is such a vital part of any room, it’s far more permanent that how you choose to decorate your walls and far harder to change. Therefore it’s really important to choose the right sort of flooring for each room in your home.

Be brave and mix it up, theres no need to restrict yourself to just one material throughout the whole house, and timber, tile and carpet can be a stylish way to create separation of zones within open plan spaces.

Here are 4 important things you can think about when deciding on new flooring for your home

1 Best Fit for My Family

Do you have kids? Pets? Both? If you’re looking for a floor that needs to withstand a lot of traffic and wear that may mean you might want to consider getting something easy to clean and durable such as hybrid flooring or laminate. If these variables don’t apply then perhaps consider an engineered hardwood floor or solid timber floor. Also imagine what will easily match to your decor and your personal style.

2. Cleaning

How often do you want to clean your floor. Some flooring requires special cleaning products like solid hardwood flooring – (we love Bona wood floor cleaner). If you would like a floor that requires less maintenance then a laminate or hybrid floor could be your better option. Both can be cleaned with wipes (the Dettol Floor cleaner you can buy from Woolworths is fab). Most mops and spills can be cleaned up quickly and efficiently.

3. Whats Your Budget

Several cost planning details need to be taken into consideration as you figure out the project cost. First calculate the floor space size and multiply by the cost of the flooring to work out your material costs. Then multiply the floor space size by a labour estimate. If you work on $35m2 this will be a good base to start.

Once you work out your budget you can start to look at the most appropriate choice for your lifestyle. Vinyl and laminate being the most economical followed by hybrid flooring then engineered, solid pre finished hardwood flooring and then solid hardwood flooring at the top of the scale.

4. Who Will Be Installing Your Flooring

If you are handy and plan to fit your new flooring yourself, many of the floating flooring options are click lock and easily slot into place. Always consult the installation guide that is provided with the flooring before starting. If doing it yourself isn’t your expertise then a floor installer can complete the job for you. So remember to factor these costs in when deciding which flooring to choose


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